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Chapter 1

The fall air is crisp upon my cheeks, chilly but not too cold. The trees have only just begun to turn colors. The lake water is still warm enough to swim in, not that I want to.

Zina and I are walking along the sidewalk. Our friends live on the other side of town and invited us over, so we decided to walk there together. My brother, Drake, was also invited, but he had a something-or-other that I really don't care about.

"Tyler, you have a car. Why are we walking?" Zina asked looking at the ground.

"Because it feels great outside." Was my reply. My opinion reflected in my outfit, a green t-shirt and beige shorts. Zina on the other hand...

"No it doesn't, it's fucking cold!" She retorted, burying her face further into her scarf. "How can you dress like that when it feels like this? You gonna catch something and when you do I'm gonna laugh."

"Aww, is Zee worried about me?" I teased, "Well, if that isn't the cutest thing."

"Shut up, dork!" She protested, a noticeable blush on her cheeks. "So, are you gonna do that project for Mrs. Davis' class?"

"You mean that stupid 'Fall Reading' thing?" I questioned. She replied with a nod and awaited my response. "Yeah, no. Fuck that shit. I'll just reuse the one I did for Ms. Miller's Book Talk last semester."

"Same. If that bitch thinks I'm working through fall break, she's in for a rude awakening." She replied, fire in her eyes.
Half an hour later, the two of us arrived at the 'Nerd Nest' as we called it. The mundane, tan house was the residence of the only people Zina and I could consider true friends. I walk up and deliver a decisive knock on the door, the action is met by a voice through the wooden barrier.

"Password." The semi-nasal voice commands.

"Dammit Roger! You're an adult, is this really necessary?" I question back to the blank, white surface.

The next sound from inside is a buzzer sound followed by a hardy, "Wrong answer, try again."  I take a deep breath and cave in to the insanity.

"The password is 'Venusaur is the best Gen 1 starter Pokémon'." I answer. After a few seconds, I hear the door lock unlatch and the door swings open.

"Tyler. Zina. Glad you could make it." Roger said with the biggest shit-eating grin I've ever seen.

I look him square in the face and decide to speak. "Hate to break it to ya, Roj, but Blastoise is actually the best."

"You're both wrong," Zina begins behind me, "the best Gen 1 starter is obviously Charizard."

The three of us share a laugh as Zina and I made our way inside.
Leap Chapter 1
Constructive criticism is welcome. Actually, I'd love for you to leave some in the comments if at all possible.
And, to round off the pack, some not-so-secret information on our main protagonist, Tyler.

His favorite music genre is Alt-Rock and his favorite group is The Red Hot Chili Peppers. He cannot play any instrument, but he has been told many times that he has a great singing voice.

Film and television:
Tyler is an avid fan of most animated shows. His favorite Western animation is RWBY and his favorite anime is Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood. He is also a lover of film, his favorites being Zootopia, Jurrasic World, and The Dark Knight.

Tyler does enjoy reading when he has time. His favorite series is the Gone series and his favorite book is Lies.

There ya have it. If you have any questions over anything that you feel I missed, feel free to ask. And as always I'm open to suggestions, constructive criticism, and weird questions of all kinds.
OK, just like with Zina, here's just a little background on Drake. This'll be slightly different however, as Drake will be 'saying' his opinions on the categories. Fun, right?

"I don't really care for much music. Rock is repetitive, Motown sucks ass, classical bores the livin' Hell outta me, and pop music makes me want to be lobotomized."

Film and television
"Is it just me, or is all T.V. just the same shit over and over again? The only quality programs are animated. Cop shows are all the same but with different actors and 'reality' T.V. is television cancer. The only show that truly delivers is My Little Pony. I-I mean, I'm no brony, but I j-just know a quality s-show when I see it."

"Nah, fuck books and fuck you! I'm out, peace!"

If you want to know anything more, just ask, that's what the comment section is for. And as always, I'm open to suggestions, constructive criticism, and weird questions of all kinds.
So, here's some quick background information on Zina. Just some stuff regarding a few of her favorite things.

Her favorite music genre is rock, with her favorite group being Alice in Chains. Her favorite composer is Tchaikovsky. Can play the piano, trumpet, bass guitar, and violin.

Film and television:
Her favorite movie is Amadeus. She enjoys crime drama shows, such as Law and Order and NCIS. Enjoys the films of Hayao Miyazaki, but not many other anime. However, her favorite anime happens to be Your Lie in April.

Zina isn't much of a reader. She despises the so-called 'classic' works, especially Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. Her favorite author is the poet Edgar Allen Poe.

Feel free to ask about anything I missed that you want to know. And as always, I'm open to suggestions, constructive criticism, and weird questions of all kinds.
1. This IS in fact my first rodeo. I've never done anything of this sort on the internet before. So if I suck, sorry in advance.

2. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, so you're just going to have to use your imagination with everything I put on here. Sorry for the inconvenience

So, to start off, how about character intros for whatever this happens to turn out being.

Tyler Martin, 17
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
180 Lbs.
A carefree individual who gives no fucks and rolls with the punches. He doesn't care much for sports and would rather spend his days off playing video games with his friends than tossing the ol' pigskin.

Drake Martin, 15
Eyes: Brown (wears red contacts)
Hair: Black
118 Lbs.
Tyler's kid brother, and polar opposite. Whereas his brother is carefree, Drake is very high strung. He will not ask anyone for help, even if he cannot do something by himself.

Zina Taylor, 17
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
(Undisclosed weight)
Tyler's childhood friend. Her personality is almost an exact copy of Tyler's. Zina enjoys music in all its forms (except the shitty new garbage that they call music) from Chopin to Slipknot, Bob Dylan to Nirvana. Her love of music has led to aspirations of becoming a musician herself (cliché, I know).

I know these aren't the best characters ever, but they're what I got. If you have any questions about me or my characters, ask away. I'm open to suggestions, constructive criticism, or weird questions of all kinds (God help me).


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